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Curation:   Benjamin Sebastian
Exhibition Design:   Victoria Sin & Matteo Cortés

Victoria Sin




I M P R E S S I O N S:  V i c t o r i a   S i n 

2016 - 2017


Victoria Sin (b. 1991, Toronto CA) is an artist using speculative fiction within performance, moving image, writing, and print to interrupt normative processes of desire, identification, and objectification. This includes:

1) Drag as a practice of purposeful embodiment questioning the reification and ascription of ideal images within technologies of representation and systems of looking,

2) Science fiction as a practice of rewriting patriarchal and colonial narratives naturalized by scientific and historical discourses on states of sexed, gendered and raced bodies,

3) Storytelling as a collective practice of centring marginalized experience, creating a multiplicity of social contexts to be immersed in and strive towards,


Drawing from close personal encounters of looking and wanting, their work presents heavily constructed fantasy narratives on the often unsettling experience of the physical within the social body.


Their long-term project Dream Babes explores science and speculative fiction as a productive strategy of queer resistance, imaging futurity that does not depend on existing historical and social infrastructure. It has included science fiction porn screenings and talks, a three-day programme of performance at Auto Italia South East, a publication, and a regular science fiction reading group for queer people of colour.


My drag work and my art practice are not always the same thing though they are always in conversation with each other. I do one of these wipes after every performance. They are prints of my face from a particular evening, and an archive of the feminine labour produced in that instance. They also become performative images in themselves, highlighting the specific kind of feminine labour that was produced on that occasion.


- Victoria Sin



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