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Documentation: Manuel Vason & Benjamin Sebastian
Curation:   Benjamin Sebastian
Exhibition Design:   Matteo Cortés & Benjamin Sebastian

Alicia Radage

Keijaun Thomas

Emilio Rojas





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Imagine a world without war.

Image a world without hate.

2018 marks the 100th anniversary of the end of WW1 and 51 years since the Decriminalisation of Homosexuality

Celebrated gay poet, Wilfred Owen left from Harbour Station, Folkestone, to serve during WW1 in December of 1916.


One week prior to The Armistice of 11th November 1918, Wilfred Owen wasKilled in Action – his life claimed by War in a time that considered his life illegal – allowed to die, not to love. Owen's poetry elucidates the shame, pity & tragedy of War. His death; the shame, trauma and violence of patriarchy.


CASUALTY draws together the work of three contemporary artists (Alicia Radage, Emilio Rojas &Keijaun Thomas) along with that of Owen's, in order to begin a dialogue; examining the links between the patriarchal oppressions of war and the heterosexist oppressions of LGBTQI* people.

Three digital, performance stills accompanied by voice overs of Owen's prose, weave narratives of desire, war, grief, love and battle – mourning and imagining our fleeting, ephemeral positions in life, while hoping and moving towards peace.






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